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Hey Guys, Listen up!

Men traditionally spend less time caring for their skin, however, they spend more time damaging their skin outdoors. Since June is Men's Health Month, we're shifting our focus to the guys.

We recently spoke to a handful of men about their feelings towards skin care. The majority said they didn't have a skin care routine. Some wash their face in the shower. One man noted that his regimen stemmed from an ingrown hair problem from shaving. Specifically, he found that Rx SKIN THERAPY's Clarifying Wash helped him rid of the problem.

When we speak about men and skin care, we can physically show an older man how his skin shows signs of aging. In fact, the skin around a guy's jowls is the first to go because the epidermis thins with age. If you're experiencing this, try Rx SKIN THERAPY's Retinol Complex. It will stimulate the collagen to make your skin look plumper and younger.

Younger men in their 20s and 30s aren't too worried about sun damage or frown and expression lines, and it's at that point in their lives that they should be taking preventive actions.

Men's skin care regimens should be simple. With that in mind, we've come up with just two things men can do to prevent sun damage and signs of aging.
Use sunscreen. We say this time and time again because it's that important. Find a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays penetrate deeper and cause the changes that lead to premature wrinkling and loss of elasticity and hydration. UVB rays lead to skin cancers.

Quit smoking. You've seen the scientific studies and there's no way around it. The sooner you start, the better your skin will look. Smoking prematurely ages the skin, and will cause wrinkles.

We understand that some men don't like putting creams on their skin, but in the long run it's going to make a big difference in terms of the health of the skin and preventing skin cancers.

Success Story

Jeremy Riddle
Rx SKIN THERAPY Customer and Husband of Kristen

Rx SKIN THERAPY: What is your skin type?
Jeremy Riddle: I have normal to oily skin.

RxST: How did you get turned on to RxST?
Jeremy: My wife, Kristen Riddle, is actually the creator of the line.
RxST: Tell us about your success with RxST?
Jeremy: There have been many times, when I have had pretty severe breakouts (specifically on my forehead), and I used the Clarifying Facial Masque before I went to bed and in the morning I was totally clear. The masque truly is amazing.
RxST: What are your favorite products?
Jeremy: I like the Clarifying Wash and Clarifying Facial Masque.

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Last month I talked about Mother's Day, so it's only fair that I now cover Father's Day. I'm ashamed to admit that my family doesn't have set traditions for this holiday.
Just like any other Sunday, we attend church together, but typically on Father's Day we'll have lunch with either my father or my father-in-law. As for gifts, they usually get a new shirt!
Father's Day is the perfect time to spoil your husbands and fathers. If you're looking for gift ideas, why not get them some Rx SKIN THERAPY products. My husband really likes the Clarifying Wash, Clarifying Cream, and Clarifying Masque. 

Happy Father's Day!



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