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Prom-Ready Skin

Spring time is prom time and high school students everywhere are preparing for the highlight of their senior year! Months have been spent looking for the perfect prom dress or getting fitted for the slickest tux, and there's nothing that could possibly go wrong. That is, until you wake up the day before prom with that dreaded prom pimple.
It does happen, but act now so that it doesn't happen to you!
Here are a few things you could do to ensure clear skin for prom night.
1. Don't shock your skin by introducing new products. The more you change your routine right before a big event, the more likely you are to have breakouts. Don't be afraid to apply a new base the day of the event.
2. If you plan on tanning, use sunscreen, and if you plan on using a self-tanner, make sure you exfoliate before applying the self-tanner. Exfoliating will prevent peeling and uneven tans.
3. Don't stress or else you will wake up to a stress-induced pimple! If you do end up with one, avoid picking at it to reduce the duration of redness.
Be safe and have fun! 

Success Story

Patricia Boland, age 33
RX Skin Therapy Customer
RX Skin Therapy: What is your skin type?
Patricia Boland: My skin type is normal with occasional oiliness in the t-zone during warm weather months.

RXST: How did you get turned on to RXST?
Patricia: A friend of mine invited me to one of the RXST pharmacy events, where 
I learned about the brand and their products. I loved the clinical approach Kristen used to create the line, which came from her years of working with clients' skin concerns and perfecting those treatments.
RXST: Tell us about your success with RXST?
Patricia: Being in my early 30s, my skin has definitely changed since my teens and 20s, so I needed a more sophisticated but effective skincare regimen. I needed basics, like a cleanser and a moisturizer, but also more advanced treatments like anti-aging products for my fine lines and something to help erase the signs of past sun damage. The results have been dramatic. I get so many compliments on the tone and texture of my skin and don't have to wear as much makeup anymore.
RXST: What are your favorite products?
Patricia: I am OBSESSED with the Firming Eye Serum, the Glycolic Acid Peel Gel and the Retinol DS. Serums are my favorite because they feel weightless on the skin but deliver a higher concentration of treatment. Plus, they are easy to layer and have actually kept me away from more invasive treatments at a doctor's office.

RXST: What would you say to anyone looking to improve their skin?
Patricia: I would definitely encourage them to try this line, and those who know me have probably already heard my "pitch." The clinical approach used by RXST means that each regimen is completely customized to the individual and their specific skin concerns. They make it so easy to follow and you will see results super fast!
RXST: What other skin care brands/products do you use and why?
Patricia: Since I had prior sun damage, I am fully committed to SPF in as many products as possible. I use Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 30 Mineral Sun Protection for touch-ups throughout the day as well as their Lip Shine with SPF 35. I love the sun, so this way I can still enjoy it and not sacrifice the health of my skin.

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It's Kristen, Y'all!
If you're anything like me, you try to live
more of an outdoor lifestyle during the
spring and summer months. With summer
quickly approaching, now is the time to
start getting your skin ready for those
warmer temperatures.
Whether you're planning to hit the beach,
local water park, or invite friends and family
over to your pool, do not forget your
sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen that has
an SPF of 15 (at least) and that protects
against UVA and UVB rays.
If you do happen to wind up with a sunburn,
keep the affected area moisturized. The
quicker you can decrease the inflammation,
the less damage there is to the collagen. I
recommend using our Oily Restoring Night
Cream after a sunburn because it contains
anti-inflammatories, which calm the skin.
The Skin Firming Serum is also a great
product to use because the niacinamide
(Vitamin B3) and hyaluronic acid are both
healing to the skin.
Last but not least, take an oral anti-
inflammatory, such as Ibuprofen, as soon
as possible to decrease inflammation.



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