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Grand Care Pharmacy specializes in compounding and natural hormone replacement.

Our staff is professionally trained and contiually updating their skills and knowledge. Our compounding facility meets and exceeds the standards set forth by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for both <795> and <797>. We are glad to answer any questions you might have about these standards.

The USP is a scientific nonprofit organization that sets standards for the identity, strength, quality, and purity of medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements to ensure that consumers receive quality medicines. 

Compounding allow doctors and pharmacists to meet the special needs of patients, especially those who may have difficulty taking or responding to commercially available medication. We can compound medicines for those allergic or sensitive to preservatives and dyes or who have a hard time swallowing a pill, or react adversely to a medicines taste. Working with a patient's physician, Grand Care Pharmacy can prepare medications in one of several unique delivery systems that are not generally available from pharmaceutical companies. We use thoughtful packaging to make our prescriptions easy to use and apply, when needed.



Capsules are commonly compunded to adjust the strength of a medicine or to omit potential allergens irritants. To lessen the number of doses to be taken, multiple medications can often be combined into a single dosage or made into delayed-release capsules.


Lozenges or troches are a popular dosage form used to allow them to dissolve for sublingual deliveryand enter the bloodstream quickly and easily. They can be enhanced with natural sweeteners and pleasant-tasting flavors, making them ideal for pediatric and geriatric patients.


Transdermals allow the absorption of medicine directly through the skin. Gels, emulsion creams, sprays and lip balm stick applicators are easy to use and are effective in getting medicine into the bloodstream quickly. Transdermals are used to help patients avoid potential side effects such as stomach upset or drowsiness. Our unique hormone replacement transdermal lotions are packaged for easy and measurable dispension that use a roll-on feature, so the hormones do not get transferred to another person through touch.

Specialized Oral Options

Many medications can be customized into a flavored lollipop or a frozen popsicle. Others can be taken as chewable "gummy" treats. Infants especially benefit from alternate delivery devices such as pacifiers or baby bottles, which are wonderful for dispensing medicine easily and accurately.


Through compounding, we can make a naturally sweetened, pleasant-tasting oral solution or suspension that can be administered easily and accurately. As with oral solutions and suspensions we can also compound eye drops, ear drops, sterile injections or nasal sprays.


Patients who cannot take medications orally are prime candidates for compounded suppositories. Available in various shapes depending on administration, suppositories can be given rectally, vaginally or urethrally. By melting or dissolving into the body cavity, they pass quickly into the bloodstream. They can be used for delayed-release medications, hormone replacement therapy, or to treat local conditions such as nausea, hemorrhoids, infections or inflammation.

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